Saturday, May 6, 2017

27th Annual Retirement Confidence Survey - Employee Benefits Research Institute

"The 27th wave of the Retirement Confidence Survey (RCS), the longest-running survey of its kind in the nation, finds that the share of American workers who are very confident in their ability to afford a comfortable retirement remains low, and some workers report that preparing for retirement is emotionally or mentally stressful. However, among retirees, confidence in their ability to afford a comfortable retirement continues to be comparably high." Quoted from brief by Lisa Greenwald, Greenwald & Associates; and Craig Copeland, Ph.D., and Jack VanDerhei, Ph.D., Employee Benefit Research Institute.

Source: 27th RCS brief

As we learn more about retirement planning in the United States it helps us discover where the gaps are in our system. How we address these gaps over the next decade has the potential to significantly impact retirement for many in the next generation. Please read the Employee Benefits Research brief of the 27th Retirement Confidence Survey.

Additional resource: The 2017 executive summary at

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