Sunday, September 6, 2009


Welcome to the first post. Glad you joined me.

Captain Retirement is a site dedicated to help you better manage the process of earning, saving, spending, and investing. I realize the majority of us grind it out to become financially free. My goal is to help you stay on course and increase your Financial IQ.

The Internet has completely changed the way we create wealth. The information super highway connects us, but can overwhelm us with too much data to analyze, plus builders keep producing more content/data everyday. This creates a problem. How can we live our lives, support our families, and stay on top of this huge, growing mountain of information we are supposed to use to help us grow to be financially free? We need someone to be a sifter, we need a network of sifters, to narrow down the content to the meaningful nuggets so we can easily digest it. The other piece is, no matter how much content bloggers/ businesses/ users / writers/ journalists / traders / investors create the basic principals necessary to achieve financial freedom remain constant: Earn money, convert it to savings, convert your savings into more money, all while controlling, limiting or eliminating debt.

Hope you enjoy the journey with me, I look forward to engaging with you for years to come.